Services We Provide
Galaxy is committed to provide the following services to its customers:
Provide the customers with what they need, whether it is in our current
or past product line or not. If a new product is needed, Galaxy will make
it happen.
Help you fix whatever tooling problem you might be experiencing due to
quality, inconsistency, material, etc. No matter the origin of it we will
fix it, through communication, commitment, consistency and
We will adopt our product's materials -not just design- to custom fit your
specific process parameters, such as temperature to better address your
individual needs.
Enable you to reduce your costs, while achieving a higher quality of end
product within your existing process parameters, saving you hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
As a result Galaxy has been recognized as a valuable partner by our
customers and received numerous Preferred Customer Supplier Awards.
We here at Galaxy, are ready to win yours.
Our pledge to YOU our Customer:

Form partnerships that will effectively reduce your overall cost of tooling
while improving your overall quality within your existing process.

We here at Galaxy, will give you a higher quality product, time and again, and
will deliver it when YOU the customer say, you need it, time and time again.

A great product remains a great product only if there is continuous
communication amongst those producing it, and with those making use of it.
We make sure that everyone in the Galaxy family has a say in the production
process. It starts with those receiving the raw material, to the machinists,
supervisors. QC personnel, management all the way to the person that places
the shipper label on the shipment going out the door. By sharing the
responsibility we can make sure, that our product not only stays at a
consistently high level, but that we keep finding ways to improve it. Finally
and most importantly, we value communication with you, our customer. We
like to know not just your current needs, or changes, but your future plans,
so we can anticipate your path, and help you along the way, by giving you the
tools you need to sustain your growth.

We at Galaxy have achieved unmatched quality control for our process, from
raw material, through the finished product. We utilize special rough castings
with materials exclusive to us -customized alloys to improve tool life- and
utilize unique methods for their use. As a result we produce high quality
molds that last longer, produce better bottles and have proven to be more
cost effective for our customers.

Does your company have problems with its mold tooling?

Do you feel prepared to step up to a higher level of quality, service and cost

Are you ready for the Galaxy experience of service, quality and commitment
to the customer?

Our team at Galaxy, looks forward to your challenge.
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